Frequently Asked Questions

What is Onyx?
What is Lumonyx?
How can I use Lumonyx?
Why should I choose Lumonyx?
Can I customize Lumonyx?
Can I get custom Lumonyx colors?
How strong is Lumonyx?
Is Lumonyx expensive? How do I get pricing?
Do you sell to the public?
Can I order Lumonyx in bulk?
How is Lumonyx shipped? How long will it take to get my order?
Will Lumonyx stain?
Does Lumonyx scratch?
Do I need special cleaners for Lumonyx?
How do I work with Lumonyx?
Can I cut Lumonyx?
What supports will I need?
How will I know how to assemble my architectural elements?
What is the maximum size sheet I can get?
What is the correct height for an illuminated onyx or alabaster stone bar top?
How much light is needed to under light a bar top?
Can I install a back lit onyx or alabaster top over an existing bar?
What is the standard depth of an illuminated bar top?
Can I have the bar face illuminated all the way to the floor?
Do you offer illuminated bar top design assistance?
What kind of fixture should I use for backlighting?
What should I use to clean my chandelier or light fixture?
How sturdy will Lumonyx furniture be?
Will Lumonyx furniture come assembled?
What kind of font can I get on signage made of Lumonyx?
Can I put my company logo on Lumonyx signage?