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Lumonyx: Amazing Selection Options

Artisans who work with genuine alabaster or onyx will tell you that every one of these fragile stones is different. The blocks, eggs, and pieces of alabaster and onyx that are extracted from below the ground’s surface can vary in terms of translucence, weight, thickness, veining, and color composition. There is really no way to predict exactly what the appearance of mined alabaster or onyx will be, so sculptors and manufacturers of genuine stone elements must work with what is available. But what exactly does this mean for you if you’re hoping to add an alabaster sculpture or light sconce to a restaurant or hotel lobby? Essentially, it means that you might not be able to get the exact look you want since selection will be somewhat limited. The pure white alabaster you wanted for that classical sculpture might contain fine yellow veins, or you might have to settle for onyx that is more yellow than tan.

At Lumonyx, we want to make sure that all of our clients get the exact piece they want, which is why we offer an amazing selection of colors and patterns. There’s classic gleaming white of course, but we also offer dozens of other choices as well. Just a few more possibilities include soft pink, pale green with brown highlights, an enchanting blend of light and dark blues, and amber with complimentary red swirls. These all represent bold and remarkable choices that are sure to attract attention, but you can also choose subtler patterns and colors if you aren’t interested in solid white. Consider pure white with delicate brown or black lines, white with swirls or ripples to add visual variety, or white with cream highlights. You’ll be amazed at how much these simple embellishments can add to a piece, particularly if you plan to illuminate it from within.

With many color combinations and textures to suit a variety of décors, Lumonyx is a superb choice if you’re searching for a manufacturer that offers an outstanding selection of looks and designs for your next project. All of our designs are inspired by genuine alabaster and onyx, two of nature’s most perfect stone creations. We work painstakingly to ensure that every Lumonyx design reflects the translucence, appearance, colors, and textures found deep beneath the earth. The result for you is a panel, column, sculpture, or element crafted from resins and natural minerals that is both genuine looking and utterly breathtaking.

Once you find a Lumonyx pattern that would be well-suited for your hotel, casino, restaurant, or office project, the next step is to contact us. Because of the vast selection of designs offered, we make most of our materials after orders are received. Bear in mind that the colors and shading of your finished product may vary slightly from those depicted in the picture. These subtle differences, however, are what make every piece crafted by Lumonyx, onyx, and alabaster artisans unique. Since no two Lumonyx elements are exactly alike, you’ll not only get to take advantage of our amazing selection, but you’ll also own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that can’t be duplicated. To discuss your needs, and to find out whether Lumonyx offers materials and services that are appropriate for your next project, call us toll-free at 888-590-4657.