Design Choices

More design choices with Lumonyx

Haunting cathedrals featuring domes that scatter the morning light in all directions, ultra-trendy clubs with illuminated bar tops, and offices with upscale onyx-inspired partitions – it’s clear that with respect to architecture, no two visions and designs are alike. The Lumonyx team can produce alabaster and onyx-inspired elements for residential, ecclesiastical, hospitality, and retail applications, just to name a few. Because we work with people in a variety of industries, we understand probably better than anyone that if you want to please your clients, choice is paramount. Our modern material and our design and production process allow us to offer an almost unlimited number of design choices, one of the most important benefits of choosing Lumonyx.

The Lumonyx team can produce an almost limitless variety of shapes. The level of detail and the variety of forms artisans working with alabaster and onyx have been able to achieve using traditional sculpting tools is truly astounding. Still, with these traditional methods, there are only so many shapes possible. Working with modern acrylics, Lumonyx is able to produce an unlimited number of shapes and textures using molds, and they are able to achieve a level of precision and consistency not possible with chisels, grinders, and hammers. To put it simply, if you can envision it, we can probably produce it – spheres, waves, triangles, and complex abstract shapes are all achievable.

With Lumonyx, larger sizes are possible: We are able to produce onyx or alabaster-inspired panels as large as 12’ by 4’, and we can also craft sizeable columns and domes. When size is less of a concern, you’re free to envision more possibilities and potentially make your Lumonyx piece the focal point of a room or an entire building.

Lumonyx materials are made to order, not mined: This means we can offer you more choice in terms of what your final piece will look like. With Lumonyx, you can choose the colors, lines, and swirls that will fit with your décor. Since we produce all of our designs in-house, you can rest assured that the pattern you want for your office partition or casino dome will always be available.

Lumonyx can produce custom products: Want hundreds of blue, star-shaped light covers for your ocean-themed resort? Maybe you want the entire ceiling of your tropical bar to glow with warm ambers, reds, and golds. No matter what your vision is, the Lumonyx team will do our utmost to meet your needs. Specializing in custom products, truly listening to our customers and making a genuine effort to understand their desires, and using a castable material translates into endless possibilities.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards getting that one-of-a-kind onyx or alabaster-inspired product you’ve always thought would be perfect for your living room, nightclub, or resort, feel free to contact us. Our Lumonyx representatives can tell you more about our custom design process, our amazing selection of alabaster and onyx-inspired patterns, and the range of elements we can produce. If you’re in the Greenville, Texas area, you can call us at 903-454-0904. Otherwise, you can contact us toll-free at 888-590-4657.