Outstanding Durability

Lumonyx offers outstanding durability

Traditionally, stone has been equated with strength, impermeability, and resilience. When it comes to alabaster, however, looks can be deceiving. This enchanting translucent stone that seems to glow warmly from within when exposed to natural or artificial light is actually quite fragile. Light sconces, plates, and other elements crafted from alabaster must be shipped and handled with care. Alabaster and onyx are also quite porous, making them susceptible to damage from the elements, which is why alabaster sculptures are typically found indoors. It’s also why these materials are not suitable for items that will be handled or touched regularly, since even oil from the hands can stain and mar the exquisite appearance of these stones.

Undoubtedly, those in charge of the design of churches, hospitality establishments, hospitals, and retail spaces would choose to work with alabaster and onyx more often if the materials were better able to stand up to stress. Even a single alabaster light cove can make the grandest lobbies and stores even more spectacular. Thanks to Lumonyx, you no longer have to choose between durability and beauty. Our alabaster and onyx-inspired products are crafted using robust resins and natural minerals to make an acrylic material that offers you the best of both worlds.

Lumonyx products are non-porous. If you could see an up-close view of alabaster or onyx, these stones would look almost like sponges. The porous nature of natural alabaster makes it much less durable and more easily stained than other building materials. When it’s exposed to any number of substances – the chemicals in cleaning products, dirt, even oils and sweat that are naturally present on the skin – alabaster absorbs these impurities, which often results in stains. The stone’s susceptibility to damage means that it may not remain in pristine condition for long if it is not meticulously cared for and protected from exposure to dirt and liquids. The acrylic used to create Lumonyx products can effectively handle liquids and dirt without becoming stained or damaged. Like other types of plastics, water and dust from the air will simply sit on the surface of our Lumonyx products, so it can easily be wiped away.

Lumonyx products are rigid. The softness of alabaster makes it a favorite material for sculptors who want to add intricate details to their pieces. Some alabaster is so yielding that it can be scraped away with a fingernail. While it may be the perfect choice for creating works of art, the softness of alabaster also makes it much more prone to damage in the form of chips and scratches. Lumonyx products, on the other hand, are crafted from a hard, unyielding material that is not easily dented or harmed.

Lumonyx products are strong. Alabaster and onyx often have weak spots, which make these stones prone to fractures in certain places. Lumonyx products are crafted in such a way that they are resistant to breakage and every square inch is robust and able to handle stresses traditional materials can't.

The durability of our revolutionary Lumonyx material is just one of its many advantages compared to natural alabaster and onyx stone. This resilience translates into countless design possibilities that would otherwise be highly impractical or impossible. With Lumonyx, an illuminated tabletop in your bar that is visually indistinguishable from rare pink alabaster is no longer unrealistic, nor are onyx-inspired exterior domes. To find out more about our durable acrylic materials and how you can use them in place of alabaster and onyx without sacrificing the drama and mystique of these stones, call us toll-free at 888-590-4657. If you’re in the Greenville, Texas area, you can also call our local number by dialing 903-454-0904.