Lighter Weight

Lumonyx panel: lighter than stone

Stone is a notoriously heavy construction material. Because of the high weights of stones like alabaster and onyx, the number of applications these materials are suitable for and the range of forms that are possible are limited. Although Lumonyx looks just like heavy alabaster and onyx, it is actually a lightweight acrylic made from special resins and finely-ground natural minerals. The lower weight of Lumonyx elements is a major benefit for numerous reasons.

Lighter weights mean more possibilities: When elements are crafted from stones like alabaster and onyx, there are only so many shapes that are possible. The production of top-heavy sculptures, for instance, would probably be avoided, as this type of shape would put the sculpture at risk of fracturing under its own weight. This would especially be a concern with alabaster, since the stone often has weak spots that are prone to breakage. Larger forms would also probably not be produced, as installing and supporting these large elements could be prohibitively difficult. The lightweight acrylic used by the Lumonyx team allows for the production of large panels, magnificent column covers, and awe-inspiring domes without the traditional worries of breakage and involved installations. Lower weights present many more options than would be possible with heavy stone.

Lighter weights make transportation and installation easier: Heavier materials are generally more difficult to transport and install. Everything from loading elements onto the truck, to installing necessary on-site supports, to lifting the stone piece into place takes extra effort and time because the material is so heavy. The material used by the Lumonyx team weighs significantly less than the alabaster and onyx it replicates. Compared to these heavy stones, transporting and setting up Lumonyx products is a breeze.

Lighter weights are associated with reduced costs: In addition to production expenses, those hoping to add alabaster or onyx elements (or pieces inspired by these types of natural stone) must also take transportation costs and expenses associated with installation into account. As a rule, heavier materials cost more to ship. And, since they are usually more difficult to put into place once they reach their destination, installation can be costly too. Because Lumonyx products are considerably lighter than their stone counterparts, shipping and installation is likely to be less costly, which can help you stay within your project budget without sacrificing the look and style you really want.

The relatively low weights of the revolutionary and convincing-looking materials used by the Lumonyx team is just one of many reasons why our company is a great choice when you desire the look of alabaster or onyx in your office, place of worship, clothing store, or bar. The outstanding value of our products, our ability to produce one-of-a-kind custom pieces, and the durability of our materials are a few more. To discuss your vision with a representative and find out why Lumonyx materials are such an excellent alternative to natural stone, call us toll-free at 888-590-4657. You can also contact us at 903-454-0904 if you are located in the Greenville, Texas area.