Better Value

Better Value

While the translucence and striking color patterns found in natural onyx and alabaster make these stones utterly irresistible, products crafted from these materials are often prohibitively expensive. An individual might own a treasured alabaster sculpture of a bird or have a single onyx chandelier in the entrance area of his or her home, but onyx and alabaster are usually not practical materials for large scale retail or hospitality applications. At Lumonyx, we are able to offer our clients the look of alabaster or onyx at prices that are within reach. Our products costs less than those crafted from genuine stone, and offer better value over the long-term.

The methods we use to produce our materials are more efficient: One of the reasons why goods crafted from alabaster and onyx are so costly is that these stones must be mined, an activity that involves a considerable amount of time and effort. Alabaster is extracted in the form of small blocks or egg-shaped pieces, and the process involves significant amounts of labor and specialized equipment. In addition, much of the alabaster is discarded as waste when the vase, light cove, or sculpture is being produced.

In contrast, the methods used to get the material needed to produce Lumonyx elements are very efficient. Our material is typically fabricated from our special resins and natural minerals on a made-to-order basis. Only producing what we need when we receive an order means there is minimal waste and storage costs are reduced. In addition, producing an acrylic product is simply much more economical than mining delicate alabaster. Lumonyx is pleased to pass these lower material costs on to you.

The use of molds cuts down on production time: Working alabaster and onyx using traditional machines, methods, and hand tools is a painstaking, time-consuming process. Producing intricate details can take countless hours, a lot of the original material is wasted, and any slip of the hand can result in an imperfect piece. These many hours of labor can also drive up the price. By using molds to produce Lumonyx elements, we can complete projects more quickly, which can save you money.

Lumonyx products typically have long life spans and remain in good condition with proper care: The upfront cost is often the only thing people consider when shopping for architectural elements, but that number doesn’t tell the whole story. Not only will Lumonyx products cost you less initially, but they may also save you money over time. Because the materials used by Lumonyx are non-porous, stronger, and more durable overall, they are less likely to stain, chip, or break, problems that can lower the aesthetic value of products or cause them to have to be replaced. The potential long life span of Lumonyx products makes them a savvy financial investment for the present and the future.

When you’re ready to invest in one or more Lumonyx products to enhance a luxurious resort, upscale restaurant, or hip night club, our design and production experts will be happy to help. We are practiced at creating the custom products our clients want, so feel free to bring us your one-of-a-kind vision and ideas. To speak to a representative, you can contact us at 903-454-0904 or call us toll-free at 888-590-4657.