Backlit Alabaster

At Lumonyx, our master craftsman have discovered the secret to blending all of the breathtaking elegance of alabaster with an application ease that ensures a perfect result every time, and we’ve added something special…backlighting.

The look of fine, natural alabaster has captivated designers for centuries, and was originally used primarily for religious items, such as Egyptian art, sacred vessels and tombs. Mined in limestone caves in areas of the Middle East, the Far East and even the British Isles, alabaster quarries have produced material for some of the most breathtaking examples of art and architecture in the world. Valued for its soft, muted colors of cream and gold, veined in intriguing patterns and polished smooth for application, alabaster adds panache and drama to every application.

Today, alabaster is as cherished as ever, and the look of this treasured stone is sought after for countless designs. Everything from bar and counter tops, columns for buildings, fine hotels and hospitality venue décor, furniture and even domes for cathedrals and worship spaces are breathtaking when worked with alabaster. However, natural alabaster is costly and fragile, sometimes difficult to apply for modern projects. It is heavy and unwieldy for working, and the color and pattern of naturally mined alabaster is inconsistent and can vary greatly. Fortunately, Lumonyx offers a solution when only the look and feel of true alabaster will do. Lumonyx is a material that combines the essence of beautiful alabaster with the convenience of easy application for countless projects.

Only one thing improves the look of elegant alabaster…backlighting. Backlit alabaster by Lumonyx ensures an astonishing effect that is delightful and game changing in the world of trendy club and entertainment venues. Imagine serving cocktails at a backlit alabaster bar that glows with an ethereal light, adding a dramatic, pleasing effect for your patrons. Backlighting isn’t just for bars, however.

At Lumonyx, backlit alabaster is crafted by the gifted stone artisans in our studios for hundreds of special projects, tailored to the needs of each client. Color, pattern and types of backlighting, each created according to client preferences, is created with our promise that applying Lumonyx will prove to be top quality at an affordable price. Our designers are skilled at delivering stylish Lumonyx backlit alabaster for any design.

  • Backlit alabaster columns
  • Alabaster lighting applications
  • Illuminated bar tops, shelves and entertainment club tables
  • Alabaster domes, panels and light fixtures for home or business décor
  • Office space dividers
  • Backlit alabaster accents for casino and resort hotel décor

Backlighting for alabaster Lumonyx takes a variety of forms, and is offered in hues that cross the full spectrum of color, adding a refined, cutting edge flair. The light, reflected through the translucent Lumonyx panel, is a nontraditional way to make your nightclub, resort hotel or casino distinctive and unique, a cut above others. The backlit alabaster you choose creates a fascinating, stylish setting that will delight your patrons.

  • Dimmable fluorescent lighting is a dazzling effect for Lumonyx bar and club lighting, or gleaming casino or resort decor, spaced for a consistent, even light and featuring controls to increase brilliance or to tone things down for a cozier glow. This style is perfect for setting the right mood all day long and after dark.
  • Also controlled by a dimmer feature, LED lighting strips can be used for backlighting, creating a futuristic, glamorous glow for illuminated bar tops, counter tops, tables and bar shelves. LED bar light columns and lighting features are economical and durable.
  • Low-Voltage strip lighting is a practical, cost effective way to backlight your Lumonyx project, especially for highlighting shelving units and strip lighting.

Lumonyx designers are certain that our revolutionary stone will meet every client need for backlit alabaster applications, adding panache and elegance wherever it is featured. Lumonyx’ first priority is service, and our designers are committed to seeing your Lumonyx project through to a breathtaking finish. Call us today.

  • The look and feel of natural alabaster, custom designed according to client specifications
  • Professional backlighting for alabaster bar and countertops, columns, light panels and countless applications
  • Hues that cross the full spectrum of color and superior quality, Lumonyx enhances every décor.
  • Stronger, lighter and more workable than traditional alabaster, at a significant savings