Detailing Lumonyx

Backlighting onyx or alabaster requires a bit of planning. At Lumonyx we work with designers, lighting consultants and owners to help you achieve the look you want.

The type of backlighting that is best for your project will depend on the effect desired.

Keep in mind that backlit Lumonyx stone becomes a three-dimensional illuminated shape, with the normal shadow and illumination source and effect reversed. The results are bold, dramatic and amazing.

Depending on the level of assistance needed, we can work with you three ways:

  • Supply the Lumonyx alabaster or onyx material only
  • Supply Lumonyx material and attachment details or structures
  • Supply, fabricate and install of the entire work

In order to get the details right we believe it is important to work closely with customers. We can assist with test samples, renderings and mock ups to help demonstrate the design. The step by step approval process helps ensure that our clients, and yours, are satisfied with the final result.